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#14410452 Aug 26, 2020 at 07:14 PM
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The official voting phase has begun!
All entries were submitted during the submission phase at this thread.

Per tradition, every 2 years we hold Airship and Submarine Naming Contests to give our present roster and new faces a chance to submit names for them that will become part of Azure history and seen by generations of members to come! These names are seen by all members in the FC who're online whenever the ships and subs are sent back out on their exploratory voyages. They help us gather materials that support our Grade III FC Actions, build stock of dusk leather for making the ever popular and expensive Company Tabards, and help us store up extra crystals, prize materials, and housing materials to continue unlocking more parts for them, and items that unlock new housing features when they show up on the Schematics Board in our Company Workshop.

Our present Airships are:

The Azure Valkyrie
The Majestic Flap-Flap
Floats Mah'Boats
The Blue Barracuda

Our Present Submarines are:

The Holy Diver
Blueteus Maximus

Since we have so many ships now compared to the last times we've run these, we'll be doing this more than once this year.

The airships to be re-named: Floats Mah'Boats & The Majestic Flap-Flap
The submarines to be re-named: Blueteus Maximus & Submersible-3

The top two highest voted Airship and Submarine names at the end of the Voting Phase will be chosen to replace the ones being renamed, listed above.
4 winners of the winning names will get 1,000,000 gil and their winning name added onto the Airships and Submarines being renamed, along with a Submarine Minion prize, and a full set of the Airship figurine furnishings, one for each winner.

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