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#14411194 Aug 28, 2020 at 07:44 AM
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We've got a mystery prize waiting to be claimed by an astute photographer and adventurer willing to traverse the lands and provide shots of specific items for Infinitum Research! Submit your findings here...the first to do so correctly will claim the prize!
Please post your screens in order, corresponding to the numbers on the list.

We're looking for shots of:

1.A child
2.Something orange and round
3.A massive, long, dead thing
4.A view where one can see at least 3 waterfalls
5.A bear
6.Live fish
7.A ship under construction
8.A very deep hole
9.A minecart
11.The Althyk Stone
12.A nearly completely crystallized tree
13.Something with 3 or more heads
14.A lighthouse with a working, rotating, lamp
15.A wine vinyard
16.A normal, civilian, old woman
17.An active dig sight
18.An old, broken, aetheryte or aethernet shard.
19.Floating or levitating ruins
20.A statue in La Noscea
21.A qiqirn merchant
22.A bird's nest
23.A portcullis
24.An oasis in a desert
25.A marine castrum
26.A mammet
27.A loose minion, moving about on its own
28.A large Sahagin
29.An Allagan ruin
30.A Belah'dian ruin
31.A Gelmorran ruin
32.A Nymian ruin
33.A lalafell mixing food in a bowl
34.A decently known Blacksmith
35.A large furry creature
36.A friendly goblin

Winner will be announced after the end of Azure Summer Festival 2020!
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