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Welcome to the Official Page for our Azure Infinitum Community Guidelines & Rules Charter

Here you will find our General Guidelines that all community members of all rank must follow, as well as our Event Protocols, Universal Rules for Azure Universe activities, and helpful information about other subjects.

If you're considering joining our community, and have put in an application or request to join, or have spoken with a Scout or higher, please make sure to read our General Guidelines first.

Our General Guidelines are considered Universal across all forms of Azure, unless otherwise stated if related to our supported games.


All major section names are listed below. Our rules and guidelines here are the result of nearly 6 years of trial, error, and discovery on how best to organize our community across our sites, services, and games that we support and hold Azure functions in. We understand we have a lot of information here, that's why new recruits should read our General Rules & Speech and No-Drama Policy sections first, and catch up on the rest when time permits.

If you're on a PC, use control+F and type in the section name to jump to any particular section.



Our rules and guidelines must be adhered to, and are strict expectations of all members of Azure Infinitum. Information on this page is subject to change over time. Azure Infinitum reserves the right to change rules at the discretion of The Azure Council whether by approved vote or by Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima. Any changes to this page will be highlighted for a period of time with a date listed to show when the change took place. Any changes or additions to this page will also be announced community-wide through Azure Infinitum Services such as Discord and Azure Social Media.

By joining one or more of our Azure brands, such as our Discord, Azure Wings, Azure Universe, and Azure Services, joining this site, or joining our Final Fantasy XIV Free Company, you agree to our General Guidelines which includes a No-Drama Policy, basic courtesies, and etiquette, found below.


Azure Infinitum Community Members of all rank shall respect each other. Immediately upon joining our community in whatever form, you become Azure family, and Azure is a family of comrades.
If a member of any rank has a personal issue with another, all parties are expected to attempt to resolve their issues privately, (such as DMs, PMs, /tells, Steam or PSN messages, etc) outside of our public channels, (such as FC Chat, Discord public chats, Social Media comment areas, etc). If any parties cannot resolve an issue privately, it may be brought to the attention of The Azure Council (Lieutenants, Generals) and/or Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima. This may lead to a course of problem solving or action. All parties involved in an issue may be requested for discussion individually or together. In the case of one party reporting the other, the other is allowed to Counter-Report, which results in further questioning of both parties.
Depending on outcomes, some issues may end neutrally if it is found that one or more parties have evenly contributed to a situation, and one or more parties may be requested to drop issues, leave each other alone, or other options or requests may be presented.
Depending on the outcome or severity of issues reported and the information provided or discovered, will have an effect on how quickly the case can be resolved and what action is taken.
In the case of issues between members of Member-class and Support ranks VS Leadership ranks, if a Leadership rank is ever blacklisted at any time, The Azure Council and/or Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima must be informed. This is so we can know what leader/s you cannot read text from. Members who blacklist Leadership ranks and do not report the action to the parties stated above, may face certain consequences.

Any request or order given by our Leadership ranks (Lt.s, Generals, Master), are to be obeyed. A Leader's requests are made for a number of reasons to either uphold rules & guidelines, or to properly administrate during events or event grouping, and more. One example of an order may include a strong request to change classes/jobs if its obvious that you play more than one role, are present at event grouping, and we have party composition to switch around for whatever benefit is needed (such as having more people we can let into groups who have less role capability, certain ideal compositions, etc). Other examples may include requests to change topics in chat, stop misbehaving or doing something in particular, move to another area, stop blocking a target, or to use or cease using certain abilities/powers/skills/etc. Requests and orders may be issues via any communication means.
We ask that you trust those who're put in position to lead, and if you dissagree with an order, please let a Leader know at a time afterward that is outside of any community events.

There are times quick decisions may be made in the midst of certain situations or events. We ask that you respect them, be supportive, and respect Leadership decisions, especially in rough situations. Leaders are trained members but not perfect and may make a less than stellar decision. Depending on the scale of negative effects from poor deicions, Leadership ranks may be reprimanded, demoted, or become under strict review.
In extreme cases, members of Support & Leadership ranks or roles who cause damages to events or the community due to poor decisions may be put on rank suspension, or banned from Azure Infinitum.


Bickering, long on-going arguments, trash-talking, erotic speech, hate-speech, discrimination, racism, and drama of any kind is completely prohibited across Azure Infinitum. Arguments and any sight of drama shall be taken to private communication (DMs, PMs, etc) between parties involved.
If these issues are not resolved privately and continues to effect the community, action will then be taken by Leadership ranks or roles.
Requests to drop certain topics or arguments and/or take them to private places are firm and made clearly by Azure Infinitum Leadership ranks or roles.

Community drama is inevitable at some point, big or small, but at Azure Infinitum, we believe its how things are handled that makes all the difference.
If you or someone you know is experiencing a form of drama, an uncomfortable situation, or are experiencing harassment or disrespectful behavior, we ask that you inform a Leadership rank immediately so any issues can begin to be resolved.

If you witness, are a part of, or have an inclination of drama or that drama is going on we strongly recommend that you:

DON'T run for the hills and immediately leave the FFXIV Community or other Azure Services like a chicken with its head chopped off.

DO take a step back, breathe, assess the situation, ask Leadership ranks for details and reassurance, and take whatever steps you need to relax and not allow a situation to disturb your experience or make you hit the "leave" button faster than you can say Moogle. It never helps any community or any current often resolvable issues to jet from it. The goal is to work together right?

If any member has a concern or wants to report issues regarding drama or anything at all, it is recommended that you provide any details, logs, screenshots, documentation, or notes in your report to a Leadership rank. This can greatly expedite problem solving and investigations.
Reports should be made via direct message or private call through our Azure Infinitum Discord Server, or by contacting in-game. You can also send a private message here on our site which allows you to write or share a lot at once, but its recommended if you do to let Leaders know via discord DM or call, or in-game first to alert their attention to our private message system here.


Spoilers are prohibited across our community in all public channels unless otherwise noted. We count spoilers as: Main Story Deaths, Big Story Revelations/Reveals, Exposing Story Secrets or Crucial Plot Devices, Discussing Certain Endgames & Boss Details, are the most basic form of spoilers. We can't police everything as a spoiler, so that means that discussions related to new job or class abilities, equipment/gear/loot, certain enemies or area names, besides bosses, are not prohibited. We take this seriously to protect the value in our member's experiences in what they watch, play, read, and enjoy. There may be time when discussed content is old and many have seen it- but please keep in mind who may be around or if there are obvious newbies (like sprouts in FFXIV) when choosing to discuss certain topics. We wont demerit anyone for discussing spoilers if the only ones online or in a group are max levels who're discussing content together they have most likely witnessed previously. We try to be flexible with our story rules so nothing is policed unfairly or not enough. Please be courteous, cautious, and mindful of who's able to hear you or see your text. We recommend forming a private chat or call with others you'd like to discuss spoilers with. Our "Lore" and "Other Worlds" channels on our Discord are exempt from these rules. If it looks like anyone is purposefully spoiling frequently enough in our community, we will find their actions as troll behavior and proceed with taking action.

While using our public channels across our community, whether our website, Discord chats in voice or text, in-game chats, social media commenting, and more, and also elsewhere outside of Azure Infinitum in other public groups, chats, games, or areas where you're among any who can see your behavior, we ask that you are mindful that you are representing yourself as a member of Azure Infinitum. Humor is permitted, but outright trolling, abusive language, spamming, and other toxic behaviors are not permitted by our members. We find spamming to be when lines or new paragraphs are typed 3-5 times in a row, then doing it several times in a row or in the same hour, annoying others over and over. These situations are left to the judgement of the Azure Council, who may request that you cease whatever is requested.

In the case of Hunt Marks in FFXIV, they are allowed a callout for said hunt sparingly in our public chats under the same rules above as spamming. Hunts may be called out regardless of rank, so long as you are not doing it more than once an hour in our FC chat or discord or annoy the community. Hunts may also be called out much more frequently in our Azure Hunters LS which is made for Hunt notifications, and can be very useful to our community members.


You are solely responsible for the actions of YOUR account or character. You are responsible for any scenario involving a situation where another person in real life controls your account or character should it happen. Negative activity and broken rules that occur via your account or character while someone else controls your it, will not excuse you from any reprimands or discharge from Azure Infinitum. Ranked members who cause any damages to Azure Infinitum and/or Azure Services because of such, will face extreme penalties and repercussions. Be responsible, and know who may have access to your console/PC/apparatus that you use to log-in to FFXIV, Azure Infinitum's site, your social media, and Azure Services.

In the case of member intoxication and/or mental illness within our community and/or while active among the community, Azure Leadership & Support teams, and many members do their very best to be understanding of each other's real life problems, situations, and conditions. We ask that you please be responsible. Being intoxicated or under an influence while active among the community could have effects, and it isn't uncommon for an isue to occur when someone becomes belligerant or irresponsible due to substances.
Depression is very common among many people in the world, respect each other no matter what, and should you know that someone is having a rough time, keep it in mind that not everyone can handle the same loads. We prohibit the mocking of depression and suicide, along with other mental disorders and conditions. Being depressed or being drunk is no excue to treat someone else poorly, and members will all be held to the Rules & Guidelines found on this page regardless.
As mentioned above, if any member has a disagreement with a Leader's deicision, they can request a meeting with the Azure Council, and/or Inifinitum Master Reika Fujishima. There are cases depending on severity, where longtime members of good behavior may be pardoned fairly with as much as a note in the record. Violence, verbal-abuse, ongoing poor attitudes, abuse of community assets, and all forms of breaking our Rules & Guidelines due to these issues will not be tolerated.

Threats of self-harm or harm to others is taken very seriously in Azure Infinitum. By law, appropriate reports could be made if there is inclination that somone means to harm themselves or someone else, especially physically, offline/in real life/etc. The Azure Council and Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima reserves the right to use personal information such as emails, addresses, city names, names of countries, phone numbers, IP addresses, in-game names or other information, Discord accounts, or other personal information that members have personally chosen to share, or other information that is publically available, to use to make a report to authorities, GM's, Discord Management, and/or problem solve civilly depending on the case.

It is highly recommended with utmost importance, that is you have feelings of self-harm or suicidal thoughts, that you seek professional assistance.
If you are living in the United States, call the National Suicide Hotline at (1-800-273-8255) available 24 hours a day, or call (1-877-673-2712) for military veterans if preferred. Talk of self-harm, suicide, or harm to others is a very serious thing and will not be taken lightly. Anyone threatening these things may be removed, or banned from Azure Infinitum universally.


When community members of any rank abuses or breaks our rules and guidelines, Azure Infinitum reserves the right to remove offending members from any Azure Service.
If a member is removed in whatever form, the offending member may or may not be informed why action was taken to remove them. If a member feels a wrongful decision was made, anyone can request a meeting with The Azure Council or Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima to inquire.
In some cases, members may be allowed to return from a ban. Ban Appeal is a case-by-case situation and is heavily thought out and agreed upon by The Azure Council before approval.
There are several types of bans that may have been placed for reasons such as behavior, strike-outs, soft bans, service or game specific bans (such as exceeding our activity limit and our 3-join limit policy in FFXIV), and the most serious, permabans.
If a member is permabanned, or depending on the severity of behavior-based bans, and at the discretion of The Azure Council and Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima, that member may be banned universally across Azure Infinitum.
Banned members will be placed on our Official Ban List with indicators on their severity and type of ban. The list is referencable by all Support & Leadership ranks and roles across our community, universally.

If you've been banned from our community, regardless of the nature of the ban, and wish to return, please contact The Azure Council and/or Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima by reaching out to them on any Azure Service.
A "Hearing" may be granted to a banned member. This includes a civil meeting with one or more members of The Azure Council to discuss the details of the ban and to give a banned member the chance to plead their case and explain themselves.

All forms of harassment towards Azure Infinitum and its members is to be documented to the best of our ability by our Support & Leadership ranks and roles, universally, and depending on the severity it will be presented to members of The Azure Council and/or Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima for review.
If harassment related to a banned member continues after they are removed from Azure Infinitum, a formal request to desist interaction with our community will be made, following further action and documentation.
All Support & Leadership ranks are expected to make reports of concerns or details regarding harassment and/or the actions and names of anyone that may be breaking our rules and guidelines.

Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima reserves the right to demote any community member of any rank based on good cause, which may or may not be shared with others. Universally, any role or rank above our standard "Member" rank, breaching the rules found on this page, is worthy of a demotion depending on severity. (For more details on our methods of problem solving, see "Problem Solving & Authoritative Action" below)
Before, during, or after a demotion takes place, The Azure Council will be informed.
Any member who feels they were wrongfully demoted is welcome to request a meeting with any number of The Azure Council and/or Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima to discuss and request reinstatement.
Temporary Demotions may take place depending on severity of broken rules and guidelines.

If you strongly disagree with any action taken to ban, remove, or demote a community member of any rank, or disagree with any requests or orders by Support & Leadership ranks, or strongly oppose changes or additions to our Rules, Guidelines, Event Protocol, or other information found on this page, it is your right as a community member to request a conference with The Azure Council and/or Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima.
Scouts and Scout Captains outnumber our Azure Council members, and it is their duty to swiftly inform any Council member that you wish to seek audience with your leaders. It is recommended to ask them to deliver any requests, or reach out to any Leadership ranks anywhere in our community.


RP in moderation is ok, just remember that we are not a role-play centered community. We ask that you are thoughtful of what you put into chats, and keep in mind what could be seen as offensive or incensitive towards topics like medical conditions, sexual preference, or even spam. Do not monopolize channels for your own role-play conversations with yourself or others. Here's some examples of what's allowed:

Actions like *hugs* or *sees _____ and glmps them, then runs away*, or *congratulates ___ on their new weapon, and hands them a sandwich*, or *sees a kitty and pets it, feeling its smooth fur and deciding to turn it into a blanket later while savoring its meat* are all okay. None of these are okay to spam, and all aren't too long to require feelings of TLDR or annoy people.

RP that aren't okay include making fun of depression, suicide, mental disorders, racial remarks, attacking others' views, hate-speech, real world political controversies that upset people- things you shouldn't be talking about in the first place while following our General Rules.

ERP (Erotic Role Play) is prohibited from all Azure Infinitum public channels, chats, and Services universally. ERP is counted as text that describes sexual actions between one or subjects and another. Get a room, form a private party with people who are aware there will be ERP in it, or take it to direct messages/private messages. It is requested that you remember you're representing Azure Infinitum, and to avoid engaging in public ERP outside of our channels and services as well. We cannot police everywhere, but public ERP discovered in servers of games we play for example, is prohibited.

We understand that offline meetups in real life are a probability among a community as members form bonds, meet at live events, build friendships, or more. Its asked that you be responsible in your decisions to meet anyone offline in-person that you've met online. Azure Infinitum is not responsible for any choices or situations occuring offline/in real-life, and your choices to meet with anyone physically offline as such, is based on your sole discretion. Meetups between members should never be considered as an official event or activity of Azure Infinitum, as they cannot be moderated by The Azure Council. Real-life or offline meetups may be scheduled, shared, and hosted by our members, and our general guidelines are expected to stay intact in the real physical world. We believe that being a member of the Azure Infinitum community is not limited to the internet and expect our community members to interact accordingly with each other under our rules & guidelines. Should you experience problems meeting anyone offline, you are welcome to report to an Azure Council member and/or Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima, however, we suggest that your first choice is to contact real-life Law Enforcement if you have trouble with someone offline. If a real-life meetup occurs, feel free to share pics and/or video! We may even feature them on Azure Services to show members meeting and having fun offline.


Conversation in Discord is treated the same as it is across our community, as a PG-13 atmosphere with some R-Rated exceptions, but mature conversations discussing mature topics or sexual themes should be held in our Mature Lounge chat channel. Mature Lounge doesn't mean its only for sexy images or adult talk- it actually means its a secondary normal chat channel where its safe to show or discuss certain mature and NSFW topics.

Our Discord is meant to have a positive atmosphere, and we expect good sportsmanship in the channels and especially voice chats for raids, dungeons, FC events, and for there to be lots of casual conversations whether enjoying Final Fantasy XIV and other games our community is playing, or just hanging out as a member of Azure Infinitum.
Those deliberately upsetting the balance or abusing our Discord will be permabanned. Discord is NOT your place to state opinions for/to discuss controversial topics, argue, or bicker with others which creates a toxic setting. Short conversations about politics, equality, religion, etc is ok so long as they're not defamatory or putting down others' beliefs.
There's nothing wrong with stating your own views or beliefs, but telling someone else how much you hate theirs or crusading against them is not permitted.
Use of our Discord falls under our General Rules, just keep in mind that Mature Lounge is an enter-at-your-own-risk area where 18+ or NSFW topics and language rules are more relaxed.
Mature Lounge is not a place to defame or be unkind. Do not post violent or brutal graphic content, and do not post full on nudity/porn, graphic hentai is not permitted either.
The NSFW warning is present to remind all members to view only if they are over the age of 18, but we still enforce what content is allowed to be posted, and it is NOT an "anything goes" channel. Depictions of obvious children in sexual situations will be removed. Content containing intercourse or graphic genitalia will also be removed.

New members who join our Discord will automatically be set to "Discord Member" role. This is the basic member role for everyone in our Discord. If it is confirmed that you're in our Final Fantasy XIV Free Company or allied with it in-game, or if you're in an Azure Branch, an Azure Universe Member, or any other special circumstance, you may be set to the appropriate role as soon as you are confirmed by Azure Leadership. You can expedite this process by sending a DM to a Lieutenant, General, or Master to let us know what role you need.
Roles are confirmed once every 24-hour period to the best of our ability.

If you are in an Azure Service with an Activity Policy (such as our FFXIV FC) you wlll receieve a direct message once you've reached a certain point of inactivity. These messages are most often sent out around the 60, and 120 day mark of someone's straight inactivity.
If you are discharged from an Azure Service or Branch, you will not be removed from our Discord or other Services unless there is a Ban.

Voice Channels in our server are meant to be a welcoming place for discussing a variety of topics. Some channels are meant for specific purposes like our Daily Event or Raid channels, others are more casual hang-outs for community members to talk while playing games or otherwise. No matter what channel you're in, we ask that you practice good channel etiquette. This means giving others plenty of room or pauses to speak, and that people do not over-talk others to the best of their ability.

In the case of our game-related channels meant for community events, FFXIV FC events, or otherwise, chatter and banter during major Boss Fights and segments of content w/mechanic Call-Outs by hosts will be prohibited unless otherwise stated. Event hosts or Leadership may remind event attendees of the above, prior to, or during an event.
Certain mechanical guidance by non-hosts may be permitted, such as calling raises, or mechanics that hosts may have missed. Requests to cease chatter may be made by leadership ranks or hosts if too many people are talking or wildly shouting. If it does not cease, an official warning will be made w/another request to be silent or stop talking over hosts or others. If an individual has been warned and continues to ignore requests by the event host, an event-ban and a strike will be issued. Event bans = 1 week of inability to attend an Azure event, and and Event Ban comes with 1 strike = 1 of 3 available strikes used against an individuals' membership. Strikes in Azure are removed after 1 full year of good behavior. 3 strikes = Discharge and Ban.
In the case of our learning parties, questions may be asked in text or voice as a wipe takes place and prior to pulls, for ease of discussion and learning.

Consistent rude behavior in the voice channels via regular constant and loud interrupting of other people with no regard for their voice or comments, background noises, eating sounds, or distracting behavior (blasting music/sounds, distracting people in events or specified channels for people doing content while not actually in that content) will find a similar pattern of "kind request to stop" > "warning" > "Event Ban and/or Strike".


You may have a cool server of your own, but we ask that you refrain from sharing links to it inside our Azure Services, such as our Discord, Social Pages, Website, or distributing it publicly among our community. Sharing links to another community or server besides ones that are just a resource type, says "Hey guys I'm here to tell you to come use mine instead!" loud and clear while we spend time constantly promoting our members to use our Discord. Think we're missing something you'd like to see? Help us make it happen or provide feedback to us!

Aside from personal Discord servers, our community is not your place to advertise another guild or community, private channels, or extended services that would take activity away from the ones we provide and strive to maintain and grow. You'd be doing us a disservice and could cause less activity to take place where it should. We have zero tolerance for advertising and will act on habitual offenders.

Gofundme or similar crowdfunding campaigns are ok to share in our community in moderation. Exessive spamming of such campaigns on any Azure Service is prohibited and will be treated as spam. If we discover you've used our services for your own gain and that it was under falsehoods, or if the campaign is a lie, you will be universally banned from Azure Infinitum.
Those who donate to crowdfunding campaigns, donate at your own risk and use your head.
Azure Infinitum does not condone schemes and all posted campaigns are the responsibilities of those posting them.

Streamers are allowed to post a link to their stream or channel once a day in our Streamers channel on discord. Content Creators like bloggers, vloggers, journalists, press, influencers, and other types of creators are allowed to post content from their work in appropriate channels in our Discord, or in other places across our community so long as it does not spam where it was posted. Please share links to things like your blog posts, youtube videos, you name it! But do so in moderation.
If you're interested in partnering with Azure Infinitum in some way, please contact Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima.


Over on our Services such as our Social Media, our General Rules apply. Specifically in our Facebook Group, content should remain SFW (safe for work) and more mature content should be pm'd and kept off the Group's feed entirely. Our Facebook Group is moderated by The Azure Council. Each reserves the right to remove anyone causing toxic or disruptive behavior.
Our Group on Facebook, along with the rest of our Social Media Azure Services focuses on positive promotion of the community we've built.

Anyone within our community is allowed to personally friend/follow others. Anyone also reserves the right to accept or not accept incoming friend or follow requests, block anyone they want, and unfriend anyone they want. Things that are private between members does not reflect Azure Infinitum, and issues that are private should stay private unless otherwise chosen to be brought to Azure Leadership. Drama on social media should never be seen spilling out into public, and drama is prohibited. Friending/Following others is a step to making friends or getting to know fellow members. If someone blocks you, let it go. This isn't high school, no one is obligated to be your friend.
If you feel you are being harassed or that someone is breaking our rules, or if a situation is serious, contact a member of Azure Leadership from the Azure Council, and/or Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima.
Assume that our guidelines and rules are universal.
Remember that our FB Group Roster or Member List may not contain all currently active members.


Every month Azure Infinitum holds an Azure Grand Assembly in Final Fantasy XIV that is streamed LIVE. In addition to our many channels of communication, this large assembly of members and leaders covers what is roughly a 2-hour panel that features fresh announcements regarding Azure Infinitum's current state, plans, upcoming events or contests, changes to any rules, event times, acquisitions, and much more.
Azure Leadership is expected to attend unless notice is given prior in the Council channel on Discord or sent to Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima in some form.

Assemblies are not mandatory to attend or watch for our members, but it is highly suggested that many do their best to try to. Assemblies are the first place important community decisions, goals, and other news is released, and it also allows members to give live feedback, make propositions, or make their own personal announcements, amidst the present Azure Council and membership in attendance, during our Q&A and Feedback round towards the end.

Assemblies are not a place to discuss non-Azure related topics or talk about greivances with other members or players from elsewhere.
Anyone who couldn't make it to the meeting, or wants to do so afterward, is welcome to post their feedback, proposals, questions, or personal announcements on the Official Azure Grand Assembly Thread for further discussions.

It is permitted to bring a friend or future recruits with you to our assemblies. Any guests who accompany you to our Hall in FFXIV or watch LIVE via YouTube should be informed of our General Rules & Guidelines, and to hold questions until after Council announcements are made. You are responsible for any guests brought to the Hall in FFXIV.
Anyone stalling, distracting, or interrupting our assemblies will be requested to leave the Hall.

You don't have to wait for an Azure Grand Assembly to give us feedback, make announcements, ask questions, or make propositions. All members of our community can do so at any time through our Discord or Forum.
Have an event you'd like to put together or see? Make a proposition during an assembly or message a member of The Azure Council. If its approved and proves to be a viable weekly activity for Azure, you could receieve Council report and the event could become official.

Members who hold their own events must abide by them and actually attend them, otherwise it should be cancelled. Repeatedly announcing or setting up events in our community and not carrying on with them is a cause for removal from our community.


Gathering or Grouping for all events in Azure Infinitum begins 30 minutes before their official start time. Times listed for our events across our community universally, are the gathering times that we expect people to begin showing up.
Leadership ranks should not begin an event at any time shorter than 30 minutes from the time gathering is said to begin, unless it has been 25 minutes (or 5 minutes before the hour), and it is very obvious that no one else is around- or there is not enough bodies for multiple event groups.

Event Parties in Final Fantasy XIV cap at 8 for nearly all events ran by Azure Infinitum. Vacancy is first-come, first-serve, and extra members may be placed on the Event Bench. One example of this is during Treasure Thursdays, where you can join in at any time up to the end of Round 2, so long as there is either vacancy, or someone present without a Timeworn Map, since Map Owners are prioritized. If the party is full, you'd be either contacted or expected to see a callout in the main FC Chat channel when vacancy becomes available.
While on the Event Bench you are free to engage in any activities so long as you're available to join in at any time vacancy opens in the Event Party/Parties. This means if you sign up for a long duty or instance, we will not wait.


Weekly event attendance is first-come, first-serve. During many events a back-up group may be provided. In some rare cases if the party occupancy is too low and there are difficulties starting or completing said event, members may be asked to sit out on the event.
The Azure Council works to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to join our events, to the very best ability.

In Final Fantasy XIV, we ask that you remember to repair your gear before going into any duties before attending an event or not. Even when just playing among other community members and players, it is possible to waste others time and increase the difficulty a party can face when gear breaks. Repeat offenders will be discharged, and this also applies to those who may often ask for help who go into duties or content with other members, while being extremely under-geared, making things unnecessarily difficult, time-consuming or impossible.

We ask that you make sure that you have allowed yourself enough readiness and also time to be able to properly attend Azure Infinitum events of any kind. Its fine if you're attending an event that is easy to drop in and drop out of, like Treasure Thursdays in FFXIV, or event Hunt-A-Thon in MHW- but signing up for a big 24-Man Raid Trilogy that should last 2-3 hours and ducking out inconveniently after we start inconveniences the community. Repeat offenders may be temporarily banned from events.
As for other gatherings and events regardless of the location, its important to make sure you're ready. This means making sure you know the game mode or type, have appropriate gear or add-ons, etc...Being new is fine, being a mess and costing other's time, isn't.

Members who go AFK for long periods of time during our events for more than 10 minutes will be removed from the event until they return, if it is possible to group them again.
Repeat offenders AFK'ing to the point of removal during events may be temporarily banned from joining events. The ringing of a doorbell or knock at the door, aggro from pets, children, parents, or some medical needs, disconnects, and more are absolutely understandable. Leaving to make lunch or take a shower mid-event is not.
We just ask that you do your best to make appropriate preparations to attend our events without issues.


There are many ways to join Azure Infinitum across the internet, which includes our Portal Site, Community Site, Social Media Pages, FFXIV Free Company, Azure Branches, our PSN Community, our Steam Group, our Discord, and more.

Upon joining Azure Infinitum's Discord, you will be set to Discord Member role. This role has most of the available permissions and is the most basic membership role. Discord Member role allows you to enjoy reading and posting in our Discord. If you've joined our Discord and you're also in our Final Fantasy XIV Free Company or other Azure Services & Branches that have roles, your membership to them may be confirmed after a short period of time, with all appropriate roles given to you. You can help us expedite this process by sending a direct message to a Lieutenant, General, or Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima.

Upon joining Azure Infinitum's Final Fantasy XIV Free Company, new members receieve a rank called "Recruit". This rank will last 1 week of confirmed activity from what's visible in our roster or logs, depending how much a recruit has logged in since joining, or from what we can confirm. Afterward, Recruits are promoted to Member rank.

Returning Azure Infinitum Members to the Free Company who were discharged due to our FC's Inactivity Policies will be reinstated as a member as soon as possible.

Those of Scout Rank or higher who are returning to our FFXIV FC who were ranked with "On Vacation" rank will need to be re-evaluated for reinstatement via a discussion with a Council member or Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima.

Member's Alts who return to our FC (1 per member), may be promoted to Member rank as soon as possible as longa s we know who it belongs to.
Alts are discharged if not logged in at least once every 30 days and must be registered so we know who they belong to.

Promotions in Azure Infinitum take place universally across Azure Services and our entire community. Promotions take place when a member with one rank has met a list of prerequisites for stepping up in duty within our community. Promotions are never mandatory, and many ranks can be flexible, so long as they are used.
The path to promotion may begin by a member being approached by a member of the Azure Council, or Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima. Promotions can also be expedited if a member of any rank shows interests and inquires to Azure Leadership.

Scout rank is our first rank above Member rank in Azure Infinitum and is available to anyone who meets the prerequisites that are listed on our Infinitum Scouts page on our forums, pinned in the Announcements forum. Scouts make up our Support Team and is a flexible rank that allows members to have invite priviledges if needed, and who lightly moderate chats and support community members.

To learn more about ranks in Azure, as well as the rest of the ranks above Members and Scouts, please take a look at our Ranks Page!


In our Azure Infinitum Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV, Recruits have no access to our Company Chest, but may donate some resources like gil and shards/clusters/crystals. Once a member gains Member rank after at least a week of notable activity and logging in, a Member may access tabs 1-4 in our Company Chest.

Our Managed Limited Chest System or MLCS requires certain goods we regularly stock to be mandated to only carry a certain number of stock. These stocks are managed by The Azure Council, and resources will be adjusted if one goes over the mandated number, or falls under it. An Example would be that we keep the number of Krakka Root (something we mass produce for everyone, which trains Chocobos) is kept at a stock of 400. The rest is kept by a leader, and replenished should it fall under.
This system helps us prevent heavy losses from potential chest thieves, players who join just to become a member and clean out our chest.

The Company Chest is not to be spammed with worthless items. If you've filled an entire tab with junk or put items on the wrong tabs, the items may be removed or rearranged.
Liquidations occur every so many weeks when space becomes scarce or when too many low-value items sit in the chest for too long. Liquidated items are sold and the gil is deposited to the chest.

Materia Grades lower than IV are prohibited, and materia is stored in order of grades on tab 2 and part of tab 3. Basic stat materia that is light blue in color, such as Strength materia and its counterparts, are prohibited.

Azure Leadership ranks reserve the right to remove any item from the Company Chest at any time. All members of Member, Scout, and Scout Captain ranks have permission to take any items from tabs 1-4 in moderation. Moderation depends on the item, its value, and its item count. 100 logs is fine if there's 500 of them, or an item there's only little of, but don't take 50 of one materia grade, or 10 minions at once.
Only put in what you're willing to donate.
While it is not prohibited, it is not advised to use the Company Chest to trade items between you or your alt, and if someone takes them, its your fault, and Leadership will not request their return.

The Company Chest has a history that is viewable. Anyone caught abusing the chest whether by spamming items, taking too many items at a time or too much too regularly, or those caught selling items taken from the Company Chest, will be reprimanded, possibly asked for reimbursement, or removed from Azure Infinitum.

All gil deposited to our Company Chest is considered a FINAL transaction in-game. If it is judged by Azure Leadership that you accidentally deposited all of your gil into the chest, then your deposit will be returned to you in-game as soon as possible. Gil donated to Azure Infinitum's Company Chest, as well as some special items that the Council may retrieve and hold, is used for Special Events, FC-related needs that may surface, Workshop purposes, or funding for future upgrades or Special Events.

Forum ranks/permissions are based on your universal rank in Azure Infinitum. Those who've joined any Azure Service or Branch are a member by default. Those who've joined our Free Company will be listed as an FC Member. Any future associated roles or ranks will be distributed to match in uniform with our Discord or other Azure Services.

If you feel the need to verify the needs, permissions, or have questions regarding your own status or rank, privately contact Azure Leadership.


All members of any rank across our community are welcome to invite others to join Azure Infinitum in any form! Just make sure you send them where they should go to join an Azure Service, Free Company in FFXIV, Branch, or other form of Azure. Our "How to Join" page has all the information you need, which you can send to anyone interested in coming aboard!

All members of any rank across our community are also welcome to invite others to attend events among us, but you should know our stance on Event Grouping Priority.
Azure Infinitum Official Events allow your friends or family to join in, however, many of our events have a priority system of Members 1st, Alliance Members 2nd, and Friends 3rd. We believe this is fair to those who are already in the community, but so long as their is space in any lobby, event party, or other grouping procedures, friends or visitors you know are welcome.
In the case of Special Events like Azure Day Weekends, or in the case of contests where there are prizes to win, visitors or friends are welcome, but may not compete for prizes that are stored and prepared for our community members.
Keep in mind there could be occassions where guests are asked to step out of any event, location, or activity if asked by an Official Event Host.

If recruiting is up your alley or something you think you'd be interested in doing now and then, our Scout rank is the perfect position in our Support Team to support the community officially by inviting and recruiting members to it!
Depending on where you're recruiting, and what form of Azure you're recruiting to, please keep in mind that you'd be representing Azure Infinitum. Do not spam your invites via private or direct messages, whispers/tells/in-game chats, voip calls or voice chats, zone-covering shouts, or posts/comments online. Do not ninja-invite by sending invites out without speaking to someone first and gaining their permission to invite them. Do not pick just anyone you see, try to use your best judgement to feel if you're bringing in a decent person to Azure Infinitum. Newbies to games, pop culture, or any of the topics shared in our community, are welcome, but folks who have some interest in the games or pop culture topics Azure supports may be much more valuable to our community.
Azure is always welcoming new members of any gaming experience or fandom!
All new members should be informed that we keep a no-drama policy, and should read through our General Rules & Guidelines at least.


We welcome players of all experience, ages, availability, and play-style. We believe that an FC with a closed door welcomes stagnation. Recruitment to Azure Infinitum must follow specific guidelines. All members of any rank are welcome to bring a friend to our community through any of our means of joining it. This includes applications to our website, joining our Discord, applying to our FFXIV Free Company, or joining an Azure Branch. Those of Scout rank must pass an initial appointment with Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima, or a member of the Azure Council to quickly go over our necessary recruitment protocol, before using any invite priviledges or permissions, or running any recruitment drives.

Applications to Azure Infinitum's website are approved quickly if the applying name matches a name found in one of our rosters. Those that are approved become immediate members of the community.

Applications to Azure Infinitum's Free Company are not to be accepted until a Scout rank or higher has spoken with the applicant and gone over our most basic guidelines and quick information.
All potential recruits and applicants alike must be given our website link with a mention of our Rules & Guidelines Charter, and a heads up about our no drama policy. This is mandatory. Failure to present accurate info to a new recruit by the one responsible for recruiting or accepting will result in a strike and possible demotion.

Legacy Member rank is currently a special membership rank in our FFXIV Free Company, and represents players who've been members of Azure Infinitum for 2 years or more with steady acitvity or without leaving it. Legacy Member rank has several extra permissions and priviledges, with more that may be established in the future. Those that are not registered with Azure Infinitum's website are not elligible for Legacy Member rank in the future unless there is some form of documentation that proves a member's length in the community.
Legacy Members are exempt from inactivity discharges until they've been offline 730 days straight.

Spam or blind inviting is prohibited in Azure Infinitum and will result in strikes or possible demotions. It is never okay to approach anyone who is not FC-less to recruit them unless they asked first. Doing so is called "Poaching" and it is a deplorable act we treat with extreme penalty.

Advertising Azure Infinitum through /shouts in FFXIV, or any area-wide advertisement in text in any location, is permitted no more than twice a day, spaced by at least 30 minutes or more. We recommend using good keywords such as "active and friendly community" or "friendly to players of all experience ie; returning, new, casual, veteran alike" and include the FC tag somewhere '<Azure>'. Capitalizing it as <AZURE> is also okay to catch attention. Keep your shouts groomed and spell-checked, you are representing the FC and should appear as professional as possible. There may be times when someone from another FC shouts over you with their recruitment shout, do not shout again just to cover them up. Sometimes people in the zone feel the need to shout something back at you, sometimes its derogatory, do not engage trolls or argue with someone in shouts. If someone uses /shout in response to your recruitment shout and its a viable question about the FC answer it then take the conversation to tells, if its a false statement about our FC (example: 'they only recruit elite' or 'they only raid') you are more than welcome to answer with "Azure Infinitum welcomes players of all experience and style" or correct any false info so long as it doesn't become a long shout conversation or an argument in /shout. If so just let it go and do not respond.

If you recruit someone to the FC via invite or request, you are being trusted on your judgement in allowing them or asking for them to enter our community.
You are responsible to a small extent should that new recruit cause some kind of drama or break our rules, so use your best judgement and make sure they're aware of our guidelines.
Recruiters or any rank from Scout and up who invite or accept someone that goes haywire may not be demoted or reprimanded depending on the situation. We don't want anyone to be deterred from trying to recruit for Azure just because they might find a bad seed. However, ranks may be re-evaluated should it appear somoene is recuriting recklessly.

New recruits like all members are expected to know our rules, and they'll be judged accordingly should it happen. Adding a troll to the FC, RMT (aka gilsellers), or someone's 2+ alts is not permitted. We avoid inviting people with silly names that are innuendos, sexual, racist, or offensive. Anyone with the sprout logo or who are new, who haven't picked a Grand Company yet, make sure they're serious about joining and staying in the game. Free-Trial players cannot join an FC, but you're welcome to let them know they can join us when they obtain the full game, linking them to our site helps a lot.

Anyone with invite priviledges are permitted up to 3 individual recruits per day to our FFXIV Free Company or any Azure Branches. This does not count recruitment-chains where parties that are recruited come with a friend/family member/spouse/etc at the same time or day.


Our Company Workshop and our airships and submarines in FFXIV are used for the construction of airship and submarine parts, special company items, materials for prizes for our Special Events, and for the creation of FC Actions and obtaining materials to craft them.

Anyone who would like to use our Fabrication Station of Member rank must contact a Scout or higher to assist. We ask that any party using the Fabrication Station not hoard it for extended periods of time. Please make sure to finish your items as quickly as you can. Those using our Fabrication Station to craft items for themselves may do so for free, however if it is for personal gain and headed to the market board, we ask that you deposit 10% of the item's sale to the Company Chest.


All who've joined our site regardless of their status in any Azure Branch or Service, will forever be ranked a Member. Those who register on our site but are specific to an allied faction will be listed as Allied Members.
Those who are banned in most forms from our community for behavior purposes will be removed from our roster and their account should be deactivated or deleted depending on the severity. All members current or past are allowed to remain in our community, our Facebook Group, our PSN Community, our Discord, in other Branches or among our Azure Services, and welcome to visit us in-game, like at our FFXIV Free Company Hall.

Remember that this site is public, so keep in mind what you post can be seen by anyone on the internet. We are not responsible for any information you have chosen to put on our website or within our community, and we have no plans to find every trace of you and remove it all when you're gone.

Embedding NSFW content or posting it in any form on our site is prohibited, please use common sense; no violently graphic content or full-on nudity or intercourse. If you have something you feel might be questionable, then you can always use a link with a warning or a spoiler tag. Title your threads appropriately.

Debates or civil arguments on the forums is fine as long as it remains on topic- never make things personal or go beyond our general rules at the start of our Rules & Guidelines Charter, they are universal.

Do not post or repost misinformation, articles just to make fun or negatively put things down, or things about other guilds/clans/FC's/Squads/etc just to rant or make claims. Joking at someone's expense among friends is one thing, but keep in mind that not everyone knows about each other's inside jokes, and some can come off as illusionary drama when its supposed to be harmless. So keep that sort of thing to a minimum or elsewhere. Discussion about other communities is fine so long as it is civil, does not go out of the way to bash.


You're more than welcome to record or publicly stream any Azure Infinitum event or activity as long as you've informed those present that you're streaming or recording. Twitch streams and other links may be posted or shared on our Streamers channel on our Discord server, and mentioned in moderation in other places outside of Discord.
Those that stream a lot or often may want to consider contacting Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima, or a member of the Azure Council, so we can possibly add you to a list of streamers or create a website widget to feature your stream.


Azure Infinitum prefers to support any Terms of Service that exists in the games we hold activity in, or in any platform we use. Thus being said, we encourage the use of what may help your gameplay, however, we prohibit the use of anything that will endanger your account, and that which goes against Terms of Services per platform or game.
You are a reflection of not just your own personal investment, but also our investment in you. Bots and other third-party applications or programs that create or pose an unfair advantage, hack, or dangerously mod are prohibited and subject for an immediate discharge.

The Azure Council and Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima reserve the right to make strong authoritative actions against members who are found to use, or are highly suspected to use the methods stated with third-party programs and applications.


Azure Infinitum relies on many problem solving methods before disciplinary measures and authoratative action is needed or gets distributed.
Our problem solving methods vary depending on each situation.

All members are allowed to report to Azure Leadership through any means provided (such as private messages, message to Scouts, Lower or Upper Council, or directly to the Infinitum Master) as to which each report is reviewed by one or more Leadership team parties. Depending on the case, the party reporting may be contacted for further questions, and will be allowed to provide as much information as needed. If the report is against another member of the community, the party being reported may be contacted for questioning, and will also be allowed to provide as much information to Leadership as they wish. From there, our Leadership will decide whether to further investigate or will make a decision and will inform both parties. Most of the time, the party being reported will have the option to counter-report which is only approved if it is judged by Leadership that the initial reporting party may be an equal contributor to a situation or if its discovered or thought that the report was wrongful.

When a report regarding broken rules or behavior is finalized, depending on the severity, a strike may be issued. Broken rules & guidelines found on this page most often warrant a strike, but some cases may be pardoned on a case-by-case basis due to the large variety of situations that may be encountered. Habitual rules & guideline breaking results in a strike.

Azure Infinitum utilizes a 3-Strike System as a part of our disciplinary measures. Strikes are issued only when it is judged by the Infinitum Master that a community member has broken a general rule or is consistently causing issues.

Depending on the strike, other things like temporary event suspension, temporary or full demotion or rank-suspension, or other judgements may be made to accompany a strike.
Strikes are viewed more heavily by those with higher ranks who are expected to be shining examples of every guideline and protocol we have.
Strikes are usually only used for broken rules & guidelines, which cover a wide-range. A Ban based on a strike-out (having 3 strikes) occurs on the third strike and will result in a universal ban.
Strikes are removed after 1 year of good behavior, so long as there are no stirkes to follow for the same reason as the previous was issued.
If a strike is issued, any charges that make up the strike will be listed when a member is informed of the strike and why it took place.

Other moderation, methods, or tactics may be acted on by Azure Support & Leadership teams as needed to maintain harmony, such as:

Asking someone to quiet down or muting them in Discord, asking chat to change topics, requesting a present member at an in-game event to change classes/roles, removing any member from a party, putting attendees for certain events on the Event Bench, deleting threads/comments/posts, requesting any members to cease chat or meet with a Leadership member in a private party to solve any issues, deactivating an account, temporary or immediate discharge, temporary demotion, and more.

It is our ultimate desire that our methods, actions, and measures assist in helping gain understanding with any who have broken rules & guidelines in Azure, and to work together towards overcoming any issues and create improvement together.


We ask that all of our members understand that during certain situations that may appear, that total transparency by Leadership about on-going investigations, problem solving, or dramatic situations is not possible, nor will it always be provided. Issues that may become widespread enough, may receieve a public statement addressing them with context. While we keep a no-drama policy, let this be the disclaimer that some drama is always inevitable in communities, and that while we try our best, its up to us to also have patience and understanding when it occurs. As recommended earlier in this charter, members are recommended to be patient and contact Leadership should any crisis appear to be taking place, and Leadership will provide as much context as possible, often providing appropriate documentation to clear any air.

Keep in mind that those we may ban can become disgruntled ex-members, crusaders, trolls & haters alike, who may often make bold statements about others or Azure Leadership. Saying "Azure is corrupt, you should leave!" is the #1 style of phrase or metaphor used to scare our members. Doctored documentations or scare tactics in the form of indoctrination and insisting that others should leave because of other's 'faults' is common for those seeking to unravel our community. Often the main target is Leadership, or the very top.

The swiftest defense and best thing you can do is blacklist and ignore these cases if/when they happen. Do not react to trolls or jump to any conclusions. Most often, many have realized later on how lame a situation was that seemed like everything was falling apart. They then regret leaving or realized that staying calm and carrying on and supporting Azure Infinitum was the best choice, or they realize how it would have been a shame to have actually believed lies at the cost of missing out on a great community exprience. You may or may not be surprised just how convincing dedicated trolls can be. Realize that we're a big community doing big things, we've hit big bumps but there's nothing we haven't overcame together by sticking it through, staying calm, and handling any issues accordingly.