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Support & Leadership Ranks

Shalindra Quartztail

"I'm Shalindra Quartztail, and this is my favorite FC on Midgardsormr. Okay, so not the most graceful of openings, but, it's the truth! As a Lieutenant and Council Member of Azure, I make it my personal responsibility to make sure that everyone I can help is helped. I've lead the charge into Eureka, against the primals, and anything else that anyone wants done to be done. If anyone knows Mass Effect, and knows Mordin Solus, I live by his quote, "It has to be me, someone else might get it wrong."
Personally, I'm a Taurus, I love kittens and puppies, and Lalas, and anything macaroni based. I'm as friendly as friendly can be, so if you see me around, say hi! If you need anything, just let me know, my door is always open!"

Stefan Vonwest

"I'm a veteran of many MMOs. I've spent about 8 years in Everquest (EQ) and 9 years in World of Warcraft (WoW). On both games I was in raiding guilds. In real life I am a Senior Software Engineer. Been a programmer for over 30 years. Currently working for a large regional bank. Been a gamer most of my life starting with Pinball machines in the Arcade. I remember when the first video arcade games came out like Space Invaders, Galaxiana, and Battlezone. Battlezone was my favorite. I think my ultimate favorite was Dragon's Lair, that came out few years later. As a kid I loved building things with my hands. I am fan of Lego (have Lego train set with city) and building plastic scale models like tanks, planes, ships and Sci-fi. I still build plastic models today. Summer 2019 I won my first trophy in a National competition. Other items I like is Anime, SciFi and Fanstasy books, films, TV and other media."

Johnny "The Handsome Roe" Gat

"Race: Roegadyn from FFXIV Favorite foods: Pancakes, Mac & Cheese, Pizza minus the pineapples :p, Eggs Games: Final Fantasy, WWE, some fighting games, other rpgs, and The Sims Job Types: DPS’er, TANK’er, not much of a HEALER, GATHER, and CRAFTER Online Friends: Reika, Shal, Stefan, Trowa, Penn, to name a few in the FC. I’ve been in the FC for a few years, Azure has been like my 2nd family in my life. It brings me joy to see new ppl come in to enjoy the game, making friends, and I hope to see it continue to thrive!

Pennadrin Stormhelm

"I began my Final Fantasy journey in 1987. Pennadrin has existed since the early days of EverQuest and Ultima online, and has had adventures through World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 11. Always willing to lend a hand on quests, crafts, or impromptu events."

Terry Mckinney

"My name is Terry Mckinney, I am a 34 year old construction worker. I've been playing games every since I was a kid and Final Fantasy just happens to be one of my favorite series. I've been part of this community for about 4 years . If you need anything just send me a message I'll be more than happy to help with whatever you need."

Chise Hatori

"Hello, I’m Chise Hatori, I’m a Scout Captain of Azure Infinitum. I’m always happy to help if I can, even if I’m offline my Discord DMs are always open for anyone anytime. What drew me to love Azure is that it’s more then just a gaming guild, it’s a legit community with an experienced leader and has achieved a lot of great things both in and out of game."

Balmung Kha

"I am relatively new to FFXIV but I really enjoy EX content and High End Raids. Outside of FFXIV I am a strongman competitor and educator, so that combined with my 2 year old daughter and my lovely wife, I stay busy!"

Aria Wiles

"Hello! I'm Aria Wiles, a proud Scout of Azure Infinitum!"

Shamfam Aroni

"I'm ShamFam, and I really like MMORPG's/FPS's, Overwatch being a favorite. I like any food that is mainly meat, but veggies can be great too, if they're seasoned properly (important). Horror movies are the greatest, hands down. If you like what you've read here, don't forget to like and subscribe, and hit that bell button down below to get notifications, and also buy all of my merch. Please. It helps feed my family."

Feana Moondragon

"Hi I'm Feana Moondragon. I am a Lala in FFXIV. Please don't pat my head that make me a little angry and will attack your ankles ...hahaha just kidding (maybe).. I have been with Azure for a year now. Even before I became a scout, I always enjoyed helping others. Just ask if you need or want help no matter the lvl.. seasoned veteran or not… I'll be more than happy to help you out!!!
I have been playing FF14 for almost 4 yrs. I also play Fortnight with my older kids that live in a different's how we stay connected while having fun. MMORPGs are usually what I play because of the social aspect.
Other than that, chocolate is my friend, I'm a Gemini, and yes I have conversations with the other voices ...Don't you?🤔 See you around the Mist! 💜"

Gareth Greywoode

"Hello! I'm Gareth Greywoode, a proud Scout of Azure Infinitum!"

Ghuval Tir'ein

"Hi, my name is Ghuval! I’ve been playing MMOs for over 16 years now. While I prefer heal and/or support-type classes, I end up giving every battle class a try. If you need help running dungeons/trials for your MSQ, just let me know!"

Lisa Kuma

"I love my dog named Kai, FFXIV of course, and making friends/helping people. Been playing for 2 months at this time, but would still like to help where I can!"

Kithlok Lakshmi

"Kithlok Lakshmi. Beta tester dating all the way back to FFXI. I prefer all rpg type games. When I'm not doing that I'm out on the water fishing....both in game and out. Crafting and gathering is my jam and helping all who need it that I can, so always feel free to drop a qweh and I will do what I can!!"

Nora Swift

"Hi! I'm Nora! Drawer of mount circles, dancer of Mandervilles, Scout of Azure, First of Her Name, etc. etc. I didn't ask to be a Scout, but I still answered the call. That is my watchword: if not me, then who? I'm currently an AST main with a GNB close behind. You'll find me jumping in to help an event, get you that clear, or doing what needs to be done. My proverbial door's always open, so feel free to give me a boop if you need something!"

Karesana Amoursall

"Hello! My name is Karesana. I'm recently new to the FC but I am very resourseful and will be glad to help you out in any way I can. I used to play WoW and love playing Space Engineers, Minecraft, and many others! You can always ping me in discord if you have a question or want to share memes."

Trowa Nightblade

"I transferred from Goblin to Midgardsormr Server and joined Azure in 2017 on the launch of Stormblood expansion. I like to help people with dungeons, trials, etc. Favorite Food: Pizza Wonton soup Fried Rice. Games I play: Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy."

Elle Aquitaine

"I am a toddler aggro magnet aka mom/foster mom...however, I am always down to help when I can. I survive on coffee, queso & chips, and pizza. Believe it or not, I have only ever played FFXI and FFXIV, period. I love our Azure family and I am proud to serve in her ranks."

Sebastian Lacroix

"Sebastian has always been somewhat of an MMO junkie. 14 years in RS, 6 in WoW, 2 in Guild Wars, and countless other lost hours in the genre. A recent transplant from WoW, they've decided to hang up their reigns as a raider and help other newcomers to XIV."

Glitch Symphony

"Hello! I'm Glitch Symphony, a proud Scout of Azure Infinitum!"

Zelissa Ebonrose

"Hello I'm Zelissa Ebonrose. I am an adorably sassy slightly perverted Miqo'te who a friend once described as a "hyperactive squirrel full of OOOSHINEY AWESOMESAUCE". Please always feel free to contact me for help with anything, I don't bite....often ;)"

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